5. Managing GitHub Notifications

The VisIt project is maintained on GitHub. Users needing support or even to just be notified of new releases need a (free) GitHub account to create and comment on discussions and issues and to watch for releases.

You will receive notifications from GitHub for…

  • …any activity you initiate (issue, discussion, pull request, etc.)

  • …any activity types you choose to watch.

  • …when someone @mentions you.

In addition, GitHub provides controls for the types of activities for which you want to receive notifications. For example, users can configure their watch settings on the main VisIt repository to be notified only when new releases are made.

Every email generated by GitHub includes an unsubscribe link at the bottom to turn off notifications for the particular activity (issue, discussion, pull request, etc.) the email is associated with.

Be aware that if you unsubscribe from activity you initiate (e.g. submitting an issue), you may miss any follow-up discussion and/or resolution. We will close, possibly without resolution, any issues or discussions awaiting follow-up for more than 21 days.