4.3.16. InverseGhostZone operator

The InverseGhostZone operator makes ghost cells visible and removes real cells from the dataset so plots to which the InverseGhostZone operator have been applied show only the mesh’s ghost cells. Ghost cells are a layer of cells around the mesh that usually correspond to real cells in an adjacent mesh when the whole mesh has been decomposed into smaller domains. Ghost cells are frequently used to ensure continuity between domains for operations like contouring. The InverseGhostZone operator is useful for debugging ghost cell placement in simulation data and for database reader plugins under development.


Fig. 4.48 InversetGhostZone example

The InverseGhostZone operator’s attributes window (Figure 4.49) has various Show options allowing you to select which types of ghost cells are returned. By default all options are turned on.


Fig. 4.49 InversetGhostZone window