4.3.32. ThreeSlice operator

The ThreeSlice operator slices 3D databases using three axis-aligned slice planes and leaves the resulting planes in 3D where they can all be viewed at the same time. The ThreeSlice operator is meant primarily for quick visual exploration of 3D data where the internal features cannot be readily observed from the outside.


Fig. 4.77 ThreeSlice operator example Moving the ThreeSlice operator

The ThreeSlice operator is controlled by moving its origin, which is the 3D point where all axis-aligned slice planes intersect. There are two ways to move the ThreeSlice operator’s origin. First, you can directly set the point that you want to use for the origin by entering new x, y, z values into the respective X , Y , Z text fields in the ThreeSlice operator attributes window , shown in Figure 4.78. You can also make sure that the Interactive toggle is turned on so you can use VisIt’s interactive Point tool to set the ThreeSlice operator’s origin. When you use the Point tool to set the origin for the ThreeSlice operator, the act of moving the Point tool sets the ThreeSlice operator’s origin and causes plots that use the ThreeSlice operator to be recalculated with the new origin. For more information about the point tool, read the Interactive Tools chapter.


Fig. 4.78 ThreeSlice attributes window