18. Contributing Host Profiles

Host profiles live in /src/resources/hosts/<compute center name>.

There is a script and a couple of helper files in the ‘hosts’ directory that allow the centers and profiles to be added during the installation of VisIt, or imported later via the gui.

  • If you add or remove directories from ‘hosts’, please edit networks.dat and tools/dev/scripts/visit-install accordingly.

  • If you add or remove directories or files, please regenerate networks.json by running dump_dir_to_networks_json.py.

  • Note that if run on Windows, the generated networks.json file will have dos-style line endings. Convert it to Unix style before committing.

  • If you want to specify a default host configuration for a center, edit default_configs.dat.

Steps for creating host profiles can be found in Host Profiles.

Steps for creating a Pull Request to contribute host profiles to VisIt’s repo can be found in Creating a Pull Request